On-Line Support

Many People with chronic pain and that includes emotional pain, are too overwhelmed to get help. Try on-line help resources.

Our children learn from us. No matter how well-intentioned we are, we end up passing on non-verbal cues. Children who have a parent with anxiety are far more likely to have anxiety.

Children and Youth could try these resources – anxiety:


In order to work on anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, you need coping tools. These tools are often not available to people who have grown up in dysfunctional families. Usually dysfunctional parents will have come from homes with their own dysfunction.

Before you can tackle PTSD, you need coping tools – a toolbox of skills that can help you manage your problems, be it drinking, drugs, overeating. These are all abnormal tools we use to manage our emotional pain. Tools to numb our feelings.  Try to find mental health resources / groups. There are on – line programs

Canadian Self-Management Programs

Mental Health Resources and Support: Canadian resources


Pain BC has a support line. Email: supportline@painbc.ca

Pain BC online referral form: self-referral form

BC Self-Management :  Self-Management BC

Waitlist for a coach:


Coaches through PainBC

Other Pain programs https://chronicpainmanagement.ca/

Anxiety can improve with Mindfulness and there are many free programs

Meditation: first talk to your mental health counselor as sometimes meditation can awaken past traumas: Awakening

Contact your local Women’s Health Resource Team or Mental Health Resources.

Anxiety: Online Anxiety Tools

Ask people close to you if they feel you may be suffering from depression or anxiety.

If you have severe depression or anxiety, it is almost impossible to manage chronic pain. There is help out there.

Mindfulness: Palouse Mindfulness

Many people with severe chronic pain or severe anxiety / PTSD cannot concentrate on reading. You may find it hard to retain information. Try the Palouse site, but watch the videos only if you feel unable to do the program.

Many times pain and anxiety cause stiffness and loosening up can relieve pain and anxiety

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be done on-line if you don’t have access to a counselor – Try the link below which is for Moodgym – great site.


Books: recommended :  The Urban Monk  Pedram Shojai

Depression online resource: Skills book online for depression

Another on-line depression site  from UK

Relationship problems


From Pete Walker’s book Complex PTSD:From Thriving to Surviving

Finding an Online Self-Help Group