Diet and Lifestyle and Chronic Diseases

Following a healthy diet is very important when it comes to chronic pain. Consult your physician if you have any conditions like diabetes, kidney disease or any other health condition.

I believe that sugar is a toxin to the body. I would try to limit carbohydrates as much as possible. Again, speak to your doctor, as there are good carbs and bad carbs.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has long been considered a very healthy diet. Eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, olive oil or other oils that are not heated up, fish and nuts is healthy. I would suggest avoiding pasta as much as possible. Avoid Pizza and other fast foods.

Low Carbohydrate Diets

Glucose has long been considered a source of inflammation, and therefore pain. Since the 1950’s doctors have been telling patients to avoid fat. Many researchers, physicians and nutritionists now realize that the harm of butter, is that it’s spread on bread. I think the pure keto diet can be very stressful to your body and would recommend you having at least 100g of carbs a day for a week or two before doing the keto challenge, if you feel you’d like to try a “pure keto diet.” Here are some links to carb counters. Here is a great counter – Keto Logic. could try a download on Carb counter  

Here is a link to keto on a budget

What does that mean? For a large percentage of the population, fat is now considered good. What about carbohydrates? In small quantities for people who have metabolic disease, diabetes, apple shaped bodies, eating less than 100g of carbohydrates is healthy. Again – before changing your diet, consult your healthcare provider.

If you are interested in low carbohydrate sites, These sites can help you understand carbohydrates and fats and what they mean for health and pain.

Official Diabetic Low Carb Diet

Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Banting diet – Real meal revolution

South Beach Diet

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease can show itself in different ways, especially if you are younger. It doesn’t always present with only diarrhoea or bloating. Consult your doctor before making changes. Celiac Society Canada

 If you have irritable bowel syndrome – google FODMAPS DIET

Intersitial cystitis? – Bladder pain. or Pelvic pain Frequent Urination / Painful Bladder

Lifestyle is really important. I have attached some complications of lifestyle choices that prove dangerous to your health. COPD

Sometimes, when in emotional or physical pain, you can neglect your body. Make sure you check for preventable diseases like high blood pressure.

Chronic pain causes stress and anxiety and anxiety causes inflammation. Inflammation can affect your arteries and anxiety also causes some people’s blood pressures to spike. This can cause a heart attack or stroke.

 Heart Disease can be caused by blockages in the arteries. See the explanation below for coronary artery disease.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, excess alcohol and Anti-Inflammatories can lead to kidney disease. Unchecked it can lead to needing dialysis. Check your eGFR with your doctor. If it is less than 60 – you can check out

If you have fasting sugar (glucose) of more than 7mMol/litre in the morning twice or an A1C of more than 6.4 twice, or glucose more than 11 at any time – you have diabetes.

Sugar intolerance – fasting around 6.2-6.9    random 7- 10.9    A1C  5.7-6.4

Diabetes is a source of pain, abdominal and foot pain. High glucose causes inflammation and can cause chronic pain. check out Diabetes

Smoking is very dangerous – Wow – who knew?

You could try a natural product: Talk to your HCP first (doc)

L- Cystine (500mg) 1 cap every 2 hours – 6 caps per day – first 3 days

Then 1 cap every 2.5 hours – 5 caps per day –  4 to 12 days

Then 1 cap every 3 hours per day for max 4 caps per day

Then 1 cap every 5 hours max 3 caps per day

End with 1- 2 caps per day

If you are tired of hearing all the nagging about diet exercise and quitting smoking, watch the video below for fun

Atrial Fibrillation


Polycystic Ovarian Disease – Try the Keto Diet if your doctor approves

Sleep apnea is unhealthy for your body and can often be fixed by daily exercises – It sure stopped my sleep apnea in 10 days – but you have to keep doing it. Exercises

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