Anxiety and Depression

Chronic pain causes anxiety and depression and anxiety and depression can lead to pain. Anxiety is seen as an inflammatory disorder. See at the end of the page for an excellent article on inflammation and anxiety.

Chronic pain is a source of repeated stress and may lead to a form of PTSD. If you have ever been exposed to parents who drink alcohol to excess, or if there has been verbal and physical abuse in your home growing up, or even if your mother had severe anxiety that could have made it hard for her to cope with children, take a look at this video

For more information, go to Stress Anxiety and PTSD

Anxiety can improve with Mindfulness and there are many free programs
Meditation: first talk to your mental health counselor as sometimes meditation can awaken past traumas: Awakening
Contact your local Women’s Health Resource Team or Mental Health Resources.

Anxiety: Online Anxiety Tools
Ask people close to you if they feel you may be suffering from depression or anxiety.

If you have severe depression or anxiety, it is almost impossible to manage chronic pain. There is help out there.

Mindfulness: Palouse Mindfulness
Palouse Mindfulness

Many times pain and anxiety cause stiffness and loosening up can relieve pain and anxiety
If you are a parent and you have severe anxiety, or severe depression, or PTSD, it will affect your children. Here is a great way to help your children and yourself.

For Needle Phobia – try this link –

This is a great article – sorry – can’t click on it directly – but copy and paste into a new address – How do you do that?

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Books: recommended :  The Urban Monk
Depression online resource: Skills book online for depression
The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer;
Mindfulness Pocket Book by Gill Hasson
Dr. Divi mindfulness books

Try app Headspace for iphone

What you think is what you feel.  Negative thoughts do make pain worse.  If you have mood swings, try this course which costs about $40.00Canadian. I think it’s worth it. Called MoodGym